Kaitlyn Kristy Kristy (Isobellamorena)
Date of registration: 16.09.18 17:35
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 11 june 1996 (Gemini)
City: Chicago
Phone: +1 773-765-5505

Additional information

Alcohol: Sometimes
Smoking: Rarely
Circumstances: Average Income
Accommodation: Separate flat (rented or own)
My turn-ons: Clothing, Massage, Photo and video shooting, Role playing
Sexually, I'm interested in: Classic sex, Oral sex, Anal
I want to have sex: Several times a day
I render services

I'm looking for

I am looking for: Pair M+F
Whom: Business partner, A boyfriend / girlfriend, I render services, Looking for sex services
intention of dating: Sex for once, Regular Sex
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