Clair Jordan

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CityNew York
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Do you enjoy spending time with a Smart, Sexy Woman (not a girl!) who loves taking the lead, giving you an
opportunity to just lay it down while knowing it’s going to be All Good? Does sharing stimulating conversation
over a beverage or a meal turn you on?

If so, I may be your ideal playmate. Truly a hybrid of GFE and Sensual Domination, I specialize in
BONDASSAGE and the GFE Tie and Tease. I am not a Dom. I am not going to humilate you, or inflict pain.
Instead, I offer you Sanctuary, a safe, fun, Sexy place to let someone else be in charge. I am here to
empower you, and help you recharge. When we part you’ll be a new man, ready to once again take on the

You’ve heard of BONDASSAGE, been curious about it, wondered exactly what it is: my GFE Bondassage
sessions will rock your world! A sequence of deep, sensual massage alternating with stimulating ‘percusssion
play’, Bondassage will take you to the edge and back, over and over, until you finally submit to sweet

If you’ve never had any experince with power play, you may want to start with my GFE Tie and Tease, a
scaled down version of the same concept. I joke that the Tie and Tease is like a day on the golf course, while
a Bondasssage session is equal to a week in the islands!

So the next time you are in Vegas, visit me in my upscale, very private studio just behind Strip North. Leave
the driving to me: you will be ‘happy’ you did.

I will also visit you in your upscale hotel. Email me if you would like to get on my email list and receive news
about travel plans, new photos, etc.

Carpe Diem, baby! Life is short. let’s grab is by the cojones and squeeeze!

xo Clair Jordan

Kind, Generous Gentlemen only, please.


Apartment I come to the client
Price per 1 hour 500 -
Price 2 hours 800 -
Price per night - -


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